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Welcome to Terran Colonial Forces
We don't know each other
We have different nationalities, birthplaces, ideas or religions
but just for this moment
we are bound together as one by our love for Terra
and we are free of all the troubles in the space
At time, my fiends, we all come to wish some things had not happened
But as a wise man once said that is not for us to decide
All we have to decide is what to do with the timed that us given to us...
And all I can do is give you the courage to do so
Join TCF today and Deserve your victory !

Known In the early days as the Western Alliance, its membership and influence encompassed enough Terran and Colonial worlds that the organization was renamed as the Terran Colonial Forces [TCForces]

Structure of TCForces

High Command

The TCForces is lead by a High command of Squadron Commanders
This is the top tier of the Leadership, where all major decisions are made regarding the future of the TCForces.
(Affiliate Commanders of reserve Squadrons are welcome to attend but have no vote)
The High Command handles the day to day affairs of the TCForces.

TCForces Squadrons

Each Squadron can specialize in one or more branches if they want

Tactical Operations
Space Supremacy (Space Combat)
Ground Supremacy (Boarding & Planetary Combat)
Counter Piracy Operations (Bounty Hunting & Patrol)
Strike Force (Bombing)

Military Intelligence (Data Analysis & Planning)
Spec Ops (Surgical Strike Team)
Recon (Eyes & Ears of the TCForces)
Exploration (Jump Point Discovery & Stellar Cartography)

Logistics (Shipping, Escorting & Maintenance)
Search & Rescue (Personnel Recovery & Medical Services)
Refueling (Acquisition, Processing & Delivery)
Strategic Resource Acquisition (Salvage & Mining)

Each Squadron is led by a Squadron Commander, while Affiliate Squadrons are led by Affiliate Commanders
*Squadrons are semi-autonomous & self-governed; the role of TCForces is to coordinate them.
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Squadrons and corps of Terran Colonial Forces

45th Werebears

They are one of the newest squadron. They will always help those in need, if someone needs a piggy-ride back home, they will be there. Also for supplies and trades for the TCF to make sure the other squadrons will not have to search for ammunition. The 45th are also scouting out ahead and mapping as much as possible for the TCF as well for other Citizens.

Language: English ( International )

301st TCEagles

They are one of the oldest squadron that formed during the Sol war and managed to survive since. They always fight against pirates and other type of criminals which are enemys of TCF. 301st TCEagles are a pure hunter squadron and they are sworn to protect and defend innocent civilians, but they can get trigger happy if you show signs of threat. 301st Squadron are also known for their "suicidal" rescue missions when other squadrons get in deep **** behind enemy lines, that is when the 301st's tactics and bravery truly shine.

Language: Slovenian, Serbian, English ( International )

313th DragonClaw

They originated from Chogoku Kusari space in Sirius sector. After the old Western Alliance did their job in omicron gamma, they left the system with no controlling government. The 313th decided to patrol that part of the universe, to prevent Pirates from ever regaining the strength they had before the PURGE. Recently, when TCF pilots arrived looking for new recruits for the trip to the Sol system and to check up on the current situation of the universe, they found a few old members from the 301st TCEagles were in charge of this group. This was great news and talks about them joining TCF quickly turned to reality. Now the 313th DragonClaw are proud members of TCF and already prepearing their forces to jump with the carrier. Members of 313rd are mostly German speaking, but they understand and speak English very well.

Language: German, English

317th Scythers

A mercenary squadron which has supported the Western Alliance in every conflict of the Sirius sector and eventually joined it as a squadron. Currently they are part of the Terran Colonial Forces (TCF), and are mostly manned with Polish speaking players. - forum in Polish - facebook page

Language: Polish, English

Terran Colonial Forces joined the Multi-fleet alliance called PACT on 14.7.2013. for common good and mutual defense.

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